Annual Awards Balloting Committee:
Chair: Salvador Perez, Co-Chair: Suzanne Huntington

Budget/Finance Committee:
Salvador Perez, Cate Adair, Rachael Stanley, Nanrose Buchman

Chairs: Suzanne Chambliss, Ivy Thaide, Michi Tomimatsu

Education Committee:
Chair: Ivy Thaide

Legacy (Retiree) Committee:
Chair: Sharon Day, Co-Chair: Diana Eden Committee: Peter Flaherty, Dodie Shepard

Holiday Card Contest Committee:
Chairs: Robin Richesson and Rachael Stanley

Labor Committee:
Chairs: Betty Madden and Sharon Day

Membership Committee:
Salvador Perez, Cate Adair, Christopher Lawrence, Mona May, Kristine Haag

Website Committee:
Chair: Salvador Perez


Annual CDG Awards Gala
Awards Honoree Organizer: Salvador Perez
CDG Liaison to JumpLine Group: Salvador Perez
Tribute Book Editor: Sarah Cowperthwaite, JumpLine Group
Producer: JumpLine Group, JL Pomeroy

Magazine Staff:
Editor in Chief: Anna Wyckoff
Associate Editor: Bonnie Nipar
Associate Editor: Christine Cover-Ferro
History of Dress: Robin Richesson, Marcy Froehlich
Contributors: Stacy Ellen Rich, Diana Eden

CDG Directory:
Editor: Christine Cover Ferro

Editor: Rachael Stanley

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