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Before Costumes
Talk to any number of Costume Designers Guild members and it’s plain to see that the career path is nontraditional. However, costume designers and illustrators who have been actors, dancers, performers or even models bring a special kind of empathy for the characters that they create and dress . . .  MORE


Pick of the Week

“The Imitation Game”
Set during some of the most critical days of World War II, “The Imitation Game” portrays how legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing and his fellow code-breakers helped shorten the war . . . MORE


Spotlight On

Costume Designer Charlie Altuna
If you need a fantastical, hairy yeti-turned-crab, a set of horned Viking monsters and an elegant praying mantis costume fit for a ballerina, call Charlie Altuna . . . MORE


Design Details

Focus On: Kimono
It’s been said that the history of the kimono is also the history of Japan, the only nation where the robe-like garment has been worn for centuries. With such a rich background, it can be challenging to correctly capture the many nuances that are literally woven into the fabric . . .MORE


News & Events

Hollywood Costume (as featured in CDG magazine)
It is the fête of the millennium. A party so bewilderingly fabulous that Darth Vader is across the room from Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch and Liz Taylor’s Cleopatra. . . MORE


Legacy Member Articles

This section contains articles that spotlight retired CDG members and also provides information and resources to prepare for and enjoy retirement. . . MORE

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