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Lights, Camera, Crazy Costume
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there are often a handful of costumes that require such demanding construction MORE


"The Danish Girl"

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“The Danish Girl”
In “The Danish Girl,” actor Eddie Redmayne portrays artist Einar Wegener, the first recipient of male to female sex reassignment surgery . . .  MORE


Spotlight On Marylou Lim

Spotlight On

Costume Designer Marylou Lim
Costume Designer Marylou Lim has a knack for stuff that’s funny, campy and clever . . . MORE


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Focus On: Wardrobe Trailers
When most people think of movie trailers, they picture the minute-long previews that compile a film’s highlights . . . MORE


Articles and Video Page

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Dodie Shepard’s Legacy
Small but mighty! Her nickname used to be “Big Red” . . . . . . MORE


Legacy Member Articles

This section contains articles that spotlight retired CDG members and also provides information and resources to prepare for and enjoy retirement. . . MORE

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