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Jennifer Garner as Laura Pickler in "Butter" - Photo courtesy of The Weinstein Company


Oct. 5, 2012

“Butter” centers on a colorful group of small-town Iowans, competing for top honors by molding and carving the popular dairy staple into masterful sculptures. Leading the competition pack―which includes stripper Brooke (Olivia Wilde) and 10-year-old butter prodigy Destiny (Yara Shahidi), among others―is tenacious Laura Pickler (Jennifer Garner), who enters the contest in place of her husband Bob, the reigning statewide butter-carving champ who has been forced to retire.

Costume Designer Susie DeSanto says she designed looks for “high-strung, over-reaching, over-ambitious” Laura by re-envisioning Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin’s conservative styles in a more colorful, low-end manner, all the while keeping utilitarianism in mind: Garner, along with her castmates, actually carved butter while wearing her costumes. Among DeSanto’s favorites is a silk chanton reincarnation of the infamous pink suit worn by Jackie (then Kennedy) Onassis at the scene of JFK’s assassination. The designer kept Garner’s duds safe under French toile, monogrammed coveralls―a fitting customization for the uppity, self-consumed character.

“Butter” premieres today in theaters nationwide.

– Costume Designer Susie DeSanto

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