Great Expectations: Nominated for 2012 Emmy® for Outstanding Costume Design: by Costume Designer, Annie Symons and Costume Supervisor, Yvonne Duckett.

Once Upon a Time: Nominated for 2012 Emmy® for Outstanding Costume Design: by Costume Designer, Eduardo Castro and Assistant Costume Designer, Monique McRae.


“The Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design”

By Alexandra Lippin & Lindsay Lopez, August 9, 2012

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Costume Design & Supervision Peer Group honored this year’s Primetime Emmy Award Nominees for Outstanding Costumes with a special reception Saturday, July 28th to kick-off the FIDM Museum & Galleries’ sixth annual presentation of “The Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design.” The exhibition, which features 75 costumes from 16 TV shows, movies and mini-series, is guest curated by Mary Rose, acclaimed Costume Designer and President of the Costume Designers Guild.

Guests not only had the opportunity to tour the exhibition and admire the fantastic display, but also enjoy the mild summer weather in the park at FIDM, where appetizers and refreshments were served.

The reception’s honorees included Costume Designers John Dunn and Lisa Padovani of “Boardwalk Empire,” Ruth Myers of telepic “Hemingway & Gellhorn,” Eduardo Castro of “Once Upon a Time,” and Chrisi Karvonides of “American Horror Story.” The designers were presented with certificates by Mary Rose and Television Academy Chairman/CEO, Bruce Rosenblum. Emmy-nominated Costume Designers Michele Clapton of “Game of Thrones”, Susannah Buxton of “Downton Abbey” and Annie Symons of “Great Expectations” have designs on display, as well (Clapton, Buxton and Symons were unable to attend the July 28th reception).

As guests toured the museum and mingled, many of the exhibiting designers took the opportunity to explain the process behind the designs on display, as well as how they transform a script into what you see ultimately see on television.

“When I read a script, I actually see and feel the color, the tone of each of those scenes and then I start envisioning what they’re going to wear,” explained Costume Designer Chrisi Karvonides (“American Horror Story”). “And then from there, I start digging into the research, I do the drawings, then I send out all my shoppers to go get those clothes, go get fabrics, and then it’s just run―we just hit the ground running, and many times, we only have 24 hours to put all those things together.”

Emmy-nominated Costume Designers Eduardo Castro (“Once Upon a Time”), John Dunn and Lisa Padovani (“Boardwalk Empire”) discussed the fabric strategy involved in their exhibition designs. Castro sourced materials from a slew of locations for his designs on ABC’s modern fantasy series. “Snow’s feather fabric for her wedding dress came from Paris while all of the beading on Evil Queen was made from saris from India,” he explained. “Most of the fabric and leathers were sourced and manufactured in Vancouver, with the exception of Snow’s wedding dress, which was made in Los Angeles.”

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