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Pick Of The Week – “Necessary Roughness”

Necessary Roughness Cast - Photo courtesy of NBC Universal

Dr. Dani Santino (actress Callie Thorne) with Terrence "T.K." King (actor Mehcad Brooks) - Photo courtesy of NBC Universal

“Necessary Roughness”

Aug. 24, 2012

“Necessary Roughness” follows psychotherapist and recent divorcée Dr. Dani Santino (actress Callie Thorne) as she balances her burgeoning career with life as a newly single mom. Dani treats a variety of patients through their struggles―from players on the (fictional) New York Hawks football team to Long Island-area celebrities―while rendezvousing with Hawks trainer Matt Donnally (actor Marc Blucas) and parenting her two teenagers.

As a former Costume Supervisor on the show, Costume Designer Conan Castro was well-acquainted with Dani’s persona and style when he took the reins as Costume Designer starting with the 7th episode of Season Two.

“I didn’t want to come in and change much of her look,” says Castro, who had his first experience designing on-location. “I believe that Agata Maszkiewicz, the original Costume Designer, did a great job with establishing a look for Dr. Dani. I simply wanted to give her a different silhouette.”

“Callie and I had a couple of fittings at first to fine tune that look and once we were both happy, things just fell into place perfectly.”

While altering Dani’s look was relatively painless, Castro found designing seasonal storyline looks in the sweltering summer heat particularly difficult. Although the USA Network series is set in Long Island-area New York, it shoots in Atlanta, Ga. Season Two follows the cast from the Hawks’ spring training season through summer, fall and early winter, but was filmed between March and August in the humid, often rainy southern city. Castro had to signify seasonal changes without dressing his cast in traditional coats and layers.

When designing the characters’ costumes and selecting color palettes for the fall and early winter wardrobes, Castro needed to be mindful of the set design and post-production editing. During the warmest weeks of the year, he said “Our story line played into early fall and the surrounding vegetation was still looking like late spring. The editors would then strip most of the green from the trees, bushes and any other vegetation around our cast and add that orange [and] yellow coloring to them to show that we were already in fall. I had to make sure I didn’t use any sort of green color clothing on our cast and also try to find and purchase warm toned clothing in the middle of summer to sell [the] fall look. It wasn’t too difficult but still kept us busy searching.”


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