Actress Isla Fisher as magician 'Henley Boone' in "Now You See Me." Costume Design by Jenny Eagan.

“Now You See Me”

May 10, 2013

Ever since a thrilling, four minute clip showing the opening sequence of “Now You See Me” hit the internet, audiences have been buzzing about the highly-anticipated film. The clip introduces the film’s star magicians, “The Four Horsemen,” (played by actors Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and Isla Fisher), and leaves us with a cliffhanger of what appears to be a botched and deadly magic trick from Fisher’s character, Henley Boone, in which she is “trapped” in a water tank full of piranhas.

When you first see Fisher on-screen she is shackled, wearing a tear-away tuxedo while suspended above the water tank. Before being dropped into the tank to attempt a Houdini-style escape, she rips off the tuxedo and reveals a stunning, silver Swarovski Crystal body suit covered in both crystals and beaded fringe, which Costume Designer Jenny Eagan had custom made by Mary Ellen Fields at Bill Hargate Costumes. The costume truly sets Boone up for the film, as it serves as the center piece of her one-woman magic act and provides a striking introduction to Fisher’s character.

“Isla Fisher, director Louis Leterrier, and myself all had a very strong opinion for [the bodysuit] to be something other than a sexy bikini, as it was scripted. We wanted to give it a timeless and tasteful, almost Vegas-showgirl aesthetic,” Eagan says. “So it felt like a classic old magic show. We also wanted it to really catch the light and be just as crystal as the water for both inside and outside the tank.”

After gathering research and collaborating with Costume Illustrator Christian Cordella to create sketches, Eagan was able to present Mary Ellen with her concept and vision for the piece. Along with Mary Ellen’s creativity, Eagan was able to come up with something that Fisher was really excited about and that “ultimately fit like a glove.”

“The most challenging element of creating this gorgeous handmade costume was both in the lay-out of the many different colors and sizes of the Swarovski crystals, and my fear of them all falling off when they hit the water,” Eagan explains. Thankfully there were no problems with it and the bodysuit “held up beautifully,” she adds.

In total, six identical bodysuits were created for Fisher and a stunt double.

Ironically, the most difficult challenge for this particular costume was finding a shoe that did not distract from the garment, but accented it. Fisher needed to wear a shoe that would allow her to stand on a metal grating, walk around without slipping, and would not completely disintegrate in the water. “Sounds easy but it was a challenge in the moment, said Eagan. “We all have those unexpected hiccups, but in the end we created something fun and fitting for Henley to express herself.”

Summit Entertainment’s “Now You See Me” opens in theaters nationwide May 31st.

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