Johnny Depp as Tonto in Disney’s “The Lone Ranger.” Costume Design by Penny Rose. Photo credit: Peter Mountain.


“The Lone Ranger”

July 5, 2013

“The Lone Ranger,” Disney’s film adaptation of the classic American old west series—originally a radio show that was translated into a book series and later into a small-screen hit starring Clayton Moore as the title character—stars Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger himself and Johnny Depp as his trusty sidekick Tonto. Initial shots and footage of Depp—no stranger to costume grandeur amid his string of quirky film aliases (from Edward Scissorhands to Jack Sparrow and the Mad Hatter, among others)—ignited early buzz among audiences, showcasing his dramatic war paint makeup and show-stopping headdress topped by a crow. Costume Designer Penny Rose, who’s worked with Depp on four “Pirates of the Caribbean” films (with a fifth installment in the queue) has reiterated time and again that the actor takes an active role in the costume design process. In fact, a Kirby Sattler painting entitled “I Am Crow” inspired Depp’s feelings and input for the character’s look from the get-go, helping him to envision and emulate the character. Similarly, Rose channeled the famous sidekick when designing a more utilitarian item of Tonto’s costume—his heavy duty belt, well-stocked with items from his work and travels. “I just put myself in Tonto’s shoes and wondered where he’d be,” Rose recently told the NY Post. “Had he picked up a little bit of metal from the railway track? Did he have a rabbit’s foot? Or a bird’s head? Do you think he ever found a button?”

You can see Depp in all his rugged Tonto glory now—“The Lone Ranger” is playing in theaters nationwide.

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