Photo: Lorey Sebastian/CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Photo: Lorey Sebastian/CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Sept. 28, 2012

Based on the real-life story of rancher-turned-Sheriff Ralph Lamb (played by Dennis Quaid) and his dealings with one-time Chicago mobster Vincent Savino (played by Michael Chiklis), CBS’s “Vegas” tells the tale of how the sleepy Mojave desert town became a playground for the mob―and the rush of corruption and glamour that came with it.

“This is a series in which the two main characters are equally important in representing the show,” says Costume Designer Kathleen Detoro. Viewers can immediately identify which “side” a character is on based on their costume, all of which are tailored to depict the tension and clash of cultures when the “East meets the West.”

Detoro dressed Lamb in vintage leather jackets – to represent his military past, Wranglers and the real Ralph Lamb’s original boots, which he provided to Quaid as a gift for his portrayal of him in the series. In sharp contrast to the Western style that was common in Las Vegas at the time, Savino’s costumes represent the invasion of the Chicago gangster influence, complete with custom made 1960s suits and shirts, fedoras, alligator skin loafers and vintage ties.

Detoro says that all of the costumes for the series have either been made to order or altered from period vintage and aged as needed, noting that the most difficult to find were period shoes in large or wide sizes. After a lot of research and hours of shopping in vintage stores and costume houses she finally found them.

“Vegas” airs on Tuesday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

– Costume Designer Kathleen Detoro

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