“Zero Hour”

Mar. 1, 2013

Created and written by Paul T. Scheuring, ABC’s “Zero Hour” is a new American conspiracy television series starring TV veteran Anthony Edwards. After the pilot was shot, Costume Designer Molly Maginnis was asked to set the “look” for the show. Scheuring was very specific about his desire to have an authentic New York look—both gritty and sleek—as the show is really more of a thriller than your typical cop drama.

Edwards plays Hank Galliston, the publisher of a paranormal-enthusiast magazine, who gets tangled up in a web of conspiracies that span years and continents. While trying to save his abducted wife Laila, played by Jacinda Barrett, Hank learns that he must also save the world from an impending cataclysm. One of the main reasons Maginnis was drawn to “Zero Hour” was the show’s historical period element and the challenge of creating different parts of the world, though production is stationed in New York—the first few episodes alone reach from 1930s Nazi Germany to present day India, and required Maginnis to produce at least 500 costumes.

When designing for Hank at Skeptic Magazine, the designer says she wanted to portray “that NYC sophisticated-but-still-artsy guy look with tightly fitted jackets, jeans, sweaters and shirts.” She found most of Hank’s wardrobe at John Varvatos and various Brooklyn boutiques. She made sure that even his boots had a rugged worn look, but were also narrow and sleek. Maginnis mixed in rich dark colors like burgundy, saturated blues and greens with black and deep earth tones. It’s important that his character has that “leading man quality and a little Brooklyn edginess,” says Maginnis.

Despite the differing personalities and roles, all of the characters maintain a bit of this edge—from Hank’s young associates at the magazine to his wife Laila, Maginnis does a fabulous job of not only incorporating traditional pieces but also adding subtle and sharp details that help to play up and distinguish each individual.

Tune in to watch ABC’s “Zero Hour” on Thursday nights at 8/7c.

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