2015 CDG Midterm Election Results Announced

March 30, 2015

It is with great pleasure that we announce the newest members of the CDG Executive board. We have a group of working members who are volunteering their time to make this organization proud and help us grow and prosper. It’s wonderful to see some returning members as well as many new members on the board. We are the voice of the membership, voted in to office by the membership.

I know we will be a powerful union voice. I look forward to a working with this dynamic group of people.

Thank you,
Salvador Perez
CDG President
Local 892

CDG Executive Board

Ivy Thaide

Nanrose Buchman

Member at Large
Mona May
Julie Weiss

Alternate Board Member
Terry Gordon
Lyn Elizabeth Paolo

Assistant Costume Designer Representative
Kristine Haag

Illustrator Representative
Phillip Boutté Jr.


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