CDG 2016 Election Results

The Costume Designers Guild (IATSE, Local 892) announces the re-election of Salvador Perez as president, Cate Adair to the position of vice president, Ivy Thaide as secretary, and Nanrose Buchman as treasurer, Kristine Haag as assistant costume designer representative, and Phillip Boutte Jr. as illustrator representative.

The Guild’s board members, delegates and trustees include: executive board members Julie Weiss, Christopher Lawrence, Mary Vogt, Kristin Burke as members at large, and Lyn Paolo, Mona May, Terry Gordon, and Jennifer Soulages as alternate board members; trustees Jacqueline Saint Anne, Cliff Chally, and Barbara Inglehart with Dorothy Amos as alternate. Delegates are Rachael Stanley, Jacqueline Saint Anne, Bonnie Nipar, Betty Madden, Bryan Kopp, Ivy Thaide, Brigitta Romanov, Dana Woods, and Dorothy Amos.

President Perez will begin his second term on October 1, 2016. Perez has been a member of the Guild since 1995 and served on the executive board for 14 years before becoming president in 2013.  His leadership over the last three years led to the purchase of the first official home of the CDG.  He is currently designing the 5th season of The Mindy Project.

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