Local 892 ladies pose among the Guild's illustrator display, which ran along the entrance of the Capitol.

IATSE Local 892 Members Mobilize at State Capitol


On Wednesday, August 20th members from IATSE locals across the state of California, including 892, joined together for a Mobilization Day on the lawn of the State Capitol.

The goal was to make the electors and public aware that the loss of jobs to other states due to tax credits affects middle class jobs and families.

The event focused on speeches from all the co-authors of AB1839 and was kicked off with words from Senator De Leone, California Labor Federation leader Art Pulaski, and actor Ron Perlman.

Makeup artists, costume designers, foley artists, cameramen, grips, editors, sound and lighting technicians all participated in booths displaying their crafts. The Local 892 team set up a grand illustrator display running along the entrance for everyone to see, in addition, the other locals erected a green screen tent for guests to step into a photo with the Cast of “Scandal”.

The bill which recently came from appropriations with a 400 million dollar attachment went to the senate floor, then to the desk of Jerry Brown, where on August 27th, a tax credit deal was made between Brown and legislatures for $330 million.

Access the open letter on AB1839 to CA IATSE members, here: An Open Letter to all IATSE California Members

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