Michael F. Miller, Jr. and Ret Turner at the 2013 Retirees Luncheon Thursday, May 30th.

Mary Ann Mobley and Mitzi Gaynor at the 2013 Retirees Luncheon Thursday, May 30th.

Members Gather to Pay Tribute to Designer Ret Turner for 58 years of Membership and Service

June 5, 2013

The Costume Designers Guild Legacy Committee outdid themselves at this year’s annual Retirees luncheon. Co-Chairs Sharon Day, Diana Eden, Jacqueline Saint Anne and Molly Campbell broadened the scope of the luncheon by honoring our longest living member of 58 years, Ret Turner. The much beloved Costume Designer, who is known for his signature all-black look with a red tassel at his neck, was honored the traditional way, as well as with a friendly roast.

Highlights included IATSE Vice President Michael Miller presenting Ret with his honorary Gold Card; the Many Faces of Ret, a collection of 37 personalized cards drawn by lifetime friend Bob Mackie; the story of The Man in Black by Rachael Stanley; and the many accolades from those attending. Ret was touched by the attendance of dear friends Mitzi Gaynor and Mary Anne Mobley and a special taped tribute from Marie Osmond, who was unable to attend.

Ret has been nominated for 21 Emmys with five wins. His work includes “The Jim Nabors Show,” “The Andy Williams Show,” “Sonny and Cher,” “Carol Burnett,” “Donny and Marie,” and “Mama’s Family,” just to name a few. He headed NBC Studios’ wardrobe department for 20 years before entering into a partnership with Bob Mackie and Ray Aghayan for Elizabeth Courtney Costumes. Although Ret has had an exceptional career, it was obvious that his greatest legacy is the love of all those who have ever worked with him or known him. He is truly a living icon and mentor.

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