All the Way

All the Way

“All the Way”

May 20, 2016

Anna Wyckoff

All the Way is Daniel Orlandi’s 6th collaboration with director Jay Roach. On the heels of the critically acclaimed film Trumbo, the HBO movie pairs Orlandi once again with leading actor Bryan Cranston, who is transformed into President Lyndon B. Johnson at the time of Kennedy’s assassination.

Cranston had already played the role on Broadway and Orlandi felt he had to dive deeply into his research to be able to match Cranston’s understanding of LBJ. He read the three Caro biographies that the film is based upon, which focus on Johnson’s complexities. As White House aide Bill Moyers famously said, “The 11 most interesting people I ever met were Lyndon Johnson.”

While makeup was crucial, Orlandi completed the metamorphosis through the costume. He raised Cranston’s shoulders, put lifts in his shoes, and bulked up his silhouette. Orlandi created different types of suits to portray Johnson’s many moods—from “powerful suits” with cleaner lines and color, to “sadder suits” where the color isn’t as strong and the shape is less tailored.

Orlandi enjoyed giving each character his own aspect of authenticity. He said, “It was a great day seeing the Freedom Summer volunteers getting on the bus. I wanted to be completely believable with no distracting ‘show off’ type elements. It is a different pressure when you are trying to recreate someone. These people lived, and you owe them and their descendants an obligation to be as truthful as possible.”

All the Way airs this Saturday, May 21, at 8 pm on HBO.

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