Pictured: Scott Cohen as Mark O'Conner, Hope Davis as Katya O'Connor -- (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC)


February 20, 2015

Valli Herman

In NBC’s new drama, “Allegiance,” the O’Connor family is wrapped up in a web of love and deceit–and in really warm coats and scarves. In a fast-moving story about a family of former spies and traitors, Costume Designer Molly Maginnis kept the talent warm during last winter’s shoot in frigid New York City.

“The cold made it feel even more dangerous and difficult,” said Maginnis. “I liked being able to use lots of layers. I kept thinking of those Russian nesting dolls that you take apart.”

For the lead characters, Katya O’Connor (Hope Davis) and Mark O’Connor (Scott Cohen), Maginnis aimed to show the depth of their connectedness. She’s a doctor and he’s a CEO, and they’re living a stylish, comfortable life in Brooklyn.

“They are truly soul mates, and they sacrifice everything for family. It was important that you felt that they belong to each other,” said Maginnis, who designed the pilot for the series, which has been picked up for a full season. “They are in the same sphere economically and style wise. There is a certain degree of wealth, but I also wanted them to look like Brooklyn–sophisticated, but not so formal.”

In key scenes, Katya wears a charcoal shearling car coat by French brand Comptoir des Cotonniers, a voluminous Isabel Marant light gray scarf, Stuart Weitzman boots, a sweater from Vince and jeans by Paige. To show that she’s a woman “comfortable in her own skin,” Maginnis selected a simple necklace from Brooklyn jeweler Verameat (maker of tiny handgun, dinosaur, junk food and bone charms) to show that she isn’t particularly status conscious. “I wanted a feeling that she’s not into Cartier,” she said.

The heavy shearling coat also is suggestive of Russia, where heavy furs are often the coat of choice.

“It’s a beautiful coat. It gives you the sense of luxury and style, but it’s not like wearing a mink coat. It’s more subtle,” Maginnis said.

Husband and wife share a sense of style that has him outfitted in luxury sportswear brands such as American luxury menswear maker Paul Stuart.

“There is a real elegance about the two of them, an easy style,” Maginnis said. “You feel the idea of two people who are effortlessly creating this style.”

“Allegiance” airs Thursdays on NBC at 10 p.m./9 p.m. central.

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