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March 20, 2015

Valli Herman

In “Dig,” the new action thriller set in Jerusalem, solving a murder mystery becomes an international effort that unearths a conspiracy thousands of years in the making.

The series stars Jason Isaacs as FBI agent Peter Connelly, Anne Heche as Lynn Monahan, his boss and occasional lover, Ori Pfeffer as Israeli detective Golan Cohen and Alison Sudol as Emma Wilson, an American working on a Jerusalem dig site.

Costume Designer Debra McGuire amplified the contrast between Connelly, the sophisticated, world-weary FBI agent, and Cohen, the tough, military-trained Israeli detective.

“I did so much research, looking at pictures of real undercover agents and detectives and they’re all the biggest slobs you’ve ever seen. Literally, they all wear printed T-shirts and jeans and they’re not concerned at all with how they look,” she said.

“In Israel, because it is a desert culture, these guys are in jeans and T-shirts and blend in. I thought it was important to keep them in that mode–looking like every guy on the street in Israel,” she said.

Connelly prefers Levi jeans and blue, button-front sportshirts, often from James Perse. Sweat and occasional splatters of blood stain his clothes, so McGuire bought just about everything in multiples.

“Ori [as Cohen] unintentionally looks American, but he grew up in Jerusalem,” she said. In his T-shirt printed with a nonsensical reference to Chicago, designer jeans and a leather motorcycle jacket, he could blend into the crowd at Wrigley Field. “He’s an American wannabe,” McGuire said. “But he’s what every Israeli looks like.”

Meanwhile, pay attention to a subtle detail that McGuire built into the characters’ look: the appearance of red. It ties into the story’s focus on a prophecy about a red heifer and identifies the dark side of some characters.

“Dig” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. /11 p.m. ET on the USA Network.

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