Orange Biohazard Suit, "Godzilla 2014"

Yellow Hazmat Suit, "Godzilla 2014"

“Godzilla 2014”

May 16, 2014

Godzilla 2014, in collaboration with ToHo Films, was inspired by the original 1957 version, which launched the monster as an icon of pop culture. This sci-fi flick reboots the “Godzilla” film franchise with a retelling that places the monster’s origin in contemporary times and casts it as a terrifying force of nature.

The film’s Costume Designer, Sharen Davis, describe her approach as “contemporary in design with a multitude of uniforms.” The principal photography was shot in Vancouver, followed by additional filming in California, Nevada and Hawaii.

The principal actors and actresses have small closets, so with that in mind Davis designed bold, statement looks that would make the audience aware of each of the character’s personalities. Yet her greatest technical challenge came when dressing background players. Davis faced a scene that called for more than 300 containment suits that were meant to designate three different job levels.

“We wanted that ‘hazmat’ look,” she said, “but they had to be quiet for sound, breathable for the actors and aged.”

Each suit needed between five and seven yards of fabric, so Davis went to fabric supply house Ragfinders in downtown Los Angeles to secure the large yardage needed to complete all 300 suits. After testing fabrics on camera for a few weeks, she selected a cotton that had been specially treated to look like Teflon. The suits were manufactured in two weeks and then aged.

In the end, Davis said, “I enjoyed designing all the different uniform concepts on this film.”

“Godzilla” will be released world-wide on May 15, 2014.

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