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Actress Kate Jenkinson as Kendall in the "Chick or Treat" episode of ABC's "Super Fun Night." Costume Design by Judy Gellman. Photo courtesy of ABC/Carol Kaelson.

A sketch of Kendall's robot costume. Courtesy of Costume Designer Judy Gellman.

“Super Fun Night”

January 10, 2014

This has been a “super fun” week for the cast and crew of ABC’s sitcom “Super Fun Night,” created by and starring Rebel Wilson. On Wednesday night, the show was named Favorite New Comedy at the People’s Choice Awards.

“Super Fun Night” is about three single women, Kimmie Boubier (played by Wilson) and her two friends (and roommates) Mary-Alice and Marika. The trio stays in every weekend and each Friday they have their “Super Fun Night.” After Kimmie receives a promotion at the law firm for which she works, she decides it’s time to take their nights to the next level…and perhaps, venture out.

“What makes this show great,” says Costume Designer Judy Gellman, “is that it is a show with fantasy, period and modern character development… Each of these characters is completely different from the other in this show, and in addition to that, each character has had to participate in fantasies, which has been a lot of fun. It’s a very unique show.”

One episode Gellman enjoyed designing was the Halloween episode, which required over 50 costumes. She particularly liked designing a robot costume for character Kendall (played by Kate Jenkinson), a tall, attractive and highly competitive lawyer. The costume pokes ironic fun at the character, as she is self-confident and ambitious but not very considerate of humanity in general. When designing the costume, Gellman began with a sketch and worked with executive producer John Riggi to nail down the concept.

Gellman used fabric from L.A.’s International Silks and Woolens and incorporated leftover pieces of fabric and trim from Warner Bros.’ amazing tailor shop to create a flirty, short silver skirt, which was boned to stick out. She incorporated layers of mesh underneath to give the skirt a fullness and incorporated beads to allow for reflection. A metal plate was faceted to the corset and Gellman had the special effects crew cut out shapes in the metal and insert lights underneath. The costume also includes an intricate piece that covers Kendall’s shoulders, almost like shoulder pads, with pingpong ball-like accents and a large silver collar. Kendall’s tall silver boots and elbow-length gloves were found at a store on Hollywood Boulevard. It took a few fittings to finalize the costume, which features additional details including a metal chest plate and silver spheres cut in half to serve as a “bra.”

“The greatest challenge is always the time and the budget,” says Gellman. “When you put together a new show, every week it’s really about coming up with new costumes that look great and keep within these constraints. [That said] I am very fortunate to have a great crew, the support from the producers, and access to one of the best rental houses [at Warner Bros.]. I am really having fun with it.”

“Super Fun Night” airs on ABC on Wednesday nights at 9:30pm.

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