“The Wall”

June 1, 2017

Anna Wyckoff

Finding a way to express character using basic military fatigues was the most intriguing challenge for Costume Designer Cindy Evans on Amazon’s psychological military thriller, The Wall. While keeping in mind the fundamental utility and purpose of the garments, she realized in order to find the details that to express each character, she would have to delve deeper. Evans credits director Doug Liman with much of her inspiration and drive to find the individuals inside the uniforms. She says, “I’ve had the good fortune to have worked with him before, so the collaboration was effortless. He really pushed me to find unique attributes that we could bring to each of the characters.”

In order to ensure authenticity, Evans consulted military advisors and former soldiers who had served in Iraq. She learned that among the Special Ops forces there is a certain license regarding the uniform and equipment, and she could take the liberties that the elite troops take while in the field. Also, she used aging and dying strategically for each character. “Matthews (John Cena) is a bit more put together and his clothes are less distressed. He has a scarf in a low knot, like our technical advisor Nick ‘the Reaper’ Irving did when he was a sniper. Isaac (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) wears low cut sneakers instead of traditional military boots.”

Snipers often make or customize their ghillie for the situation. Evans had to create unique ghillie coverings that would disappear into the environment of the film. “I spent the entire Fourth of July weekend creating the suits and adding last minute nuances to the costumes. I wanted their costumes to feel and look every part of the environment they were immersed in,” she explains.

The Wall from Amazon Studios is in theatres now.

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