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Legacy Members
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Welcome CDG retirees and active legacy members to this secure area of the CDG website, designed especially for you and your interests and needs. As you proceed past this portal page, the functionality of the pages will remain as they have in the past — but with a new interface and a few navigational changes.

The Legacy Committee is honored to lead the way in helping our members understand all facets of their pending retirements. Our mission is also to welcome retirees back into an active connection with the Guild, where we can honor their accomplishments, and perhaps facilitate a mentor partnership between “seasoned” and “young” designers. We hope you will find many interesting articles and suggested practices for preparing for retirement, and then enjoying it!

Manage My Info

Be sure to keep your personal Contact Info updated, so it will appear correctly in the Legacy Directory.


Website Articles – Enjoying Retirement

In the Website Articles – Enjoying Retirement section are biographies of some of our esteemed retirees as they enjoy their post-career leisure time. Other content in this area covers travel and other activities retirees may find attractive during retirement.


Website Articles – Looking Toward Retirement

In the Website Articles – Looking Toward Retirement section is material to help you plan your financial life wisely, both now and in the future.


Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is available to post information that only other legacy members can see. Use it to post and receive notices, such as yard sales, apartment sublets, looking for a traveling companion or calling on volunteers for a charity event. Please note you must limit your submissions to 100 words and we do not accept photos.



Be sure to check out the Legacy Calendar which may have dates and/or event details not listed in the public calendar. Click the Agenda icon above the month to see events in a list format. You can also subscribe to our calendar and sync events with your mobile phone or desktop applications.


Legacy Resources

We have many interesting and informative links in Resources that will provide material to make planning for retirement easier, plus articles of interest to creative people of all ages.



The Newsletters page houses downloadable newsletters in PDF format.


Technical Support

Please click here to report a problem using this website, if adjusting your browser settings or using a compatible browser does not correct a problem.

We’ll be back soon!

Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. If you need to you can always contact us, otherwise we’ll be back online soon!

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