Comic-Con 2013: CDG “Welcome to the New Age” panelists, from left-right: Costume Illustrators Alan Villanueva, Constantine Sekeris, Phillip Boutte Jr., Keith Christensen and Christian Cordella. (Photo credit: CDG).


Comic-Con 2013: CDG "Poppin' Some Tags" panelists, from left-right: Costume Designers Mayes Rubeo, Isis Mussenden, Christine Bieselin Clark and Trish Summerville. (Photo credit: CDG).



Comic-Con 2013

By Alexandra Lippin – July 26, 2013

After months of planning and preparation, the magical mayhem that is San Diego International Comic-Con has once again come and gone. With countless highly anticipated panels, major announcements, and sneak peeks of trailers for the year’s hottest films, the annual convention did not disappoint.

There were a number of exciting film and television reveals. Lionsgate premiered the new trailer for “Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” which is slated for a November 22, 2013 release. Warner Bros. announced that director Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” sequel will include a Batman/Superman mash-up, and the film would be in theaters in 2015. Marvel announced that Ultron will be the villain of the next Avengers film, titled “Age of Ultron.” The Veronica Mars film trailer was previewed and “Breaking Bad” fans met a mask-adorned Bryan Cranston.

For the eighth year in a row, the Costume Designers Guild Local 892 participated in Comic-Con. This year, the Guild had more of a presence than ever, with volunteers dressed in capes handing out special posters and t-shirts all over the Convention Center, a wonderful evening mixer at the historic Grand Horton Hotel for panelists, sponsors, industry professionals, volunteers from FIDM and CDG members two audience packed panels, as well as members serving as judges in the greatly anticipated and wildly entertaining Masquerade Ball.

Friday’s panel, “Welcome to the New Age,” featured Costume Illustrators Phillip Boutte Jr., Keith Christensen, Christian Cordella, Constantine Sekeris, and Alan Villanueva. The panel, which was moderated by author Peter Clines of the books “Ex-Heroes, Ex-Patriots,” showcased the illustrators’ latest projects while examining the changing world of illustration in the digital and 3D age. The illustrators discussed the importance of traditional methods such as sketching and drawing despite the advancement of digital tools.

On Saturday, a standing room only crowd gathered for the “Poppin’ Some Tags” panel, which featured Costume Designers from some of today’s highly- anticipated blockbuster films: Christine Bieselin Clark, Isis Mussenden, Mayes Rubeo, and Trish Summerville spoke about how they got into the business and how important it is to work with a great team, especially when they have thousands of cast-members and extras to fit and dress. The panel was moderated by actor Ron Perlman of “Hell Boy” and “Sons of Anarchy” fame.

As part of CDG Comic-Con tradition on Friday and Saturday our Costume Illustrators and Costume Designers roamed the halls of Comic-Con looking for their favorite home-made costumes, awarding the winners with the always-popular Hall Costume Award blue ribbons. Some of the favorites from this year included Tusken Raiders, Strawberry Shortcake, Transformers, Inspector Gadget.

However, nothing represented the power of Costume Design more than a surprise appearance by actor Tom Hiddleston, who came onstage in character in his Loki costume from “Thor: The Dark World.” As he howled at the audience sweeping across the stage in his full length leather coat glinting with hints of armor, the crowd was electrified.

For a Comic-Con recap from our FIDM San Diego student volunteers, click here:

Thank you all for your help, along with everyone else who volunteered and helped make the weekend a big success!

Click here to see this year’s highlight video.

A Special Thank You to the 2013 CDG Comic-Con Committee:
Chair – Marianne Parker
Michi Tomimatsu
Suzanne Chambliss
Gina Flanagan
Mariano Diaz
Phillip Boutte Jr.
Oneita Parker
Christine Cover-Ferro
Jerry Carnevale
Ivy Thaide
Kimberly Freed

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