CD Brenda Cooperat the CDG Holiday party, sponsored by Western Costume Company.

ILL Bryan Kopp clowns around.

ACDs Chloe Yoon and Suzy Magnin are ready for Broadway.



The CDG’s Holiday Party 2011

By Gina Silverstein, December 6, 2011

On the evening of December 3rd, the Costume Designers Guild held its annual Holiday Party in Studio City for members, family and friends. More than a hundred party-goers turned out to spread holiday cheer at the catered event. Several days before, the decoration committee, including CD’s Molly Campbell, Pie Lombardi, Gail McMullen, May Routh, Lois de Armond, Jane Ruhm and Sharon Day, along with ACD’s Chloe Yoon and Jose Camilo – took on the bare walls of the meeting room, putting their design skills to work. Like Santa’s elves, they trekked through the CDG offices loaded down with seasonal tricks, filling the hallways with lights, ornaments, table decorations, poinsettias and a Douglas Fir. In a flurry of activity, they magically transformed the starkness of the office environ into a warm and inviting space for the CDG festivities.

When Costume Designers and Illustrators arrived decked out in holiday attire, CD Jim Lapidus and his friend Anthony Mendez greeted them at the door. If not for the fashionable crowd, it could have been mistaken for a United Nations soiree. CD Gwen Stukely, who recently joined the CDG, swapped Aussie tales with British ex-pat CD Brenda Cooper. ILL Christian Cordella, who comes from generations of Italian artists, dropped by to say ciao, while Canadian Lorraine Carson had a night out on the town with friends before heading off to Atlanta for her first season on VH1’s “Single Ladies.”

Also in “the house” was ILL Alan Villaneuva, who has been busy rendering sketches for CD Christine Bieselin Clark. He showed friends his toy soldier illustration that was selected for one of the CDG holiday cards. Newcomer CD Kat Williams, sporting her trademark pink hair, chatted with veteran CD Bonnie Nipar, who the day before was locked inside Nordstrom’s at closing time while picking up costumes for the upcoming “Are You There Chelsea.” CD Wendy Benbrook whipped out her iPhone to show Board President Mary Rose the six builds in one day she recently did for “Pretend Time,” a sketch comedy show on Comedy Central. And, Board Member Mark Bridges and CD Deborah Hopper were spotted getting accolades for their work on “The Artist” and “J. Edgar,” respectively.

Western Costume Company provided head coverings for party-goers to get their groove on for the cameras. CD Moonglow McLean donned a jewel-encrusted, feathered turban. ACD Suzy Magnin tried out a black top hat while ACD Chloe Yoon looked fabulous in a silver glitter Homburg. Other guests came bearing toys and gifts for the “Labor Toy Drive” to help those from fellow unions who are in need this holiday season.

Special thanks to the caterer “Under the Canape” for the bite-sized morsels of guilty pleasure, the bartender “Liquid Caterers” for keeping the imbibes flowing, Ray Wibar from IATSE 705, CD’s Marcy Froelich, Bonnie Nipar and Dana Woods, ACD Sara Sikich, ILL’s Rosi Gabl and Gina Flanagan, guests Marcus Flanagan and Emily McLean, and CDG staffers for their help with the event.

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